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What Can De Premier Spa Healing Hands Do for You?

We are a full-service premier day spa, personal care, and advanced skin care provider that specialize in massages, premier advanced body and facial treatment including; micro current facial, photo facials, microdermabrasion and ultrasonic non-surgical skin resurfacing facials. We also offer chemical peel, acne treatment, personalize skin analysis, and body contouring; weight management, cellular foot detox, infrared sauna, skin tag removal, spa package and gift certificate to better serve you

De  Premier Spa of West Houston is in the Energy Corridor /Memorial area of Houston. We are Licensed, certified and professional Medical Massage Practitioner and Premier Advanced Skin Care Provider, Health, and Wellness Coaching, Complementary and Alternative Practitioner. Our specialized team of licensed and certified professionals offer a unique approach to helping you feel renewed. De Premier Spa’s philosophy prioritizes client care via our premier aesthetic treatments, advanced massage techniques and procedures, holistic therapy, and leading-edge technology to make a difference in every client’s  health and wellness. 


We leverage complementary and alternative medicine of optimum health to serve you, through alternative therapies that complement traditional medicine to promote skin health, mind, and body wellness. De Premier Spa exists to make a difference and improve your quality of life by providing a therapeutic, serene, and safe environment for your comfort. With our Premier level of expertise, personalized service (Specific to your needs), cutting edge techniques, we can help you regain youthfulness and the wellbeing you deserve from inside out. Wherever you are in your health and wellness journey, your skin health, mind, and body wellness, our “Healing Hands can Help You.”  


We have a passion for care, rehabilitation, support, coaching and education for those who desire optimum health and self-help. Whether you are dealing with stress, aches and chronic pain, weight issues, low energy, skin conditions, premature aging or some skin enhancement, we can help. With over 25 years of experience in advanced skin care and wellness services, the quality of our services is highlighted in the wonderful reviews from numerous satisfied clients on our Google review page and other pages.  


De Premier Spa is “Not Your Ordinary Spa.” We are a result-oriented day spa, with a difference in providing services that are beyond beauty.


Come and Experience De Premier Spa Difference with a proven track record of exemplary results, quality, and integrity! 

What our Clients are Saying

Professional Referrals

I found De Premier Spa through my Chiropractor, who had prescribed a series of medical massage therapy sessions to help with lower back pain. I saw Rita at De Premier Spa a few times over the course of a month, and immediately began to see results...she was great! I highly recommend Rita at De Premier Spa for massage therapy. - Tod H. 

Chemical Peel Facial

I was fortunate to find De Premier Spa. My struggle with Acne was overcome by the monthly facials I received, the results have been nothing short of AMAZING. I also find their full body Swedish massage very relaxing, and effective in easing the tensions in my muscles. I have since recommended the De premier spa to family and friends. - ER 

 Advanced Skin Care – Facial Rejuvenation

What a luxurious experience! De Premier Spa is unlike any facility I've experienced. Nestled onto the edge of a neighborhood with easy access from the freeway, the spa is clean and spacious. From the first moment you feel the high level of experience Rita possesses. The facial she performed was a wonderful experience. My skin felt clean and refreshed plus I loved the fragrances of the products she used. Unlike other facials I've experienced, my skin did not break out afterwards. I would highly recommend Rita and De Premier Spa! - Bobbi H.

Medical Massage

If you are reading this review and are experiencing pain, I would highly suggest that you schedule an appointment with Rita Olufowoshe. I often take the wait it out approach allowing time for the body to fix itself. The wait it out approach has worked for me at times; however, under the circumstances I am about to share, I greatly benefitted from the care and knowledge of Rita. 

I started noticing slight pain in my right arm over the summer. I just ignored it, hoping it would go away. The pain continued to get worse until it was extreme. An orthopedic surgeon suspected herniated discs.  A review of the MRI confirmed his diagnosis. 


With this confirmation, I asked the doctor for an action plan. He gave me a handout of stretch exercises along with the following options: have spine surgery with a two or three-week recovery period, try pain management therapy, which would be given as an injection, or to live with it. None of these options seemed ideal. He prescribed five medicines that came from a compounding pharmacy. Of course, the medicine had side effects. I tried taking some of the medication but stopped. Then I tried a regimen of ibuprofen and acetaminophen, but because of side effects, I discontinued. 

A friend suggested that I make an appointment with Rita. I was apprehensive, thinking it might relax me but not help my arm. My friend said to try it as an experiment. At this point, I felt that I would not be able to return to my teaching job in the fall.


Thankfully, I did schedule an appointment. After my first session, I did not experience immediate relief from my symptoms but felt like the massage was beneficial for my body. I continued with fourteen weekly appointments. Each week my pain lessened in one area and then would become noticeable in another part of my body. While this is a massage, it seems like more. Instead of just relaxing the body, Rita works with the body to find the source of the discomfort. I am happy to say that I do not experience any pain in my right arm and hand now and have a full range of motion. Occasionally, I feel a little numbness in two fingers, but it is mild and seems to come and go. I am grateful to have found Rita and to have escaped surgery, shots, medicine, and pain. I encourage you to seek her help if you are trying to get better.  

If you have some pain issues, I suggest you treat yourself. Rita creates a relaxing and nurturing environment much nicer than I have experienced elsewhere. - Susan N. 

Infrared Sauna

My experience at De Premier Spa has been amazing! The Infrared Sauna has definitely detoxed my body,  relaxed my muscles, improved my circulation and MOST of all aided in my 15 lb. weight loss over the past few weeks! I look forward to going to the spa twice a week. Very clean and everything I need for my treatment is always ready (towels, robe, water, radio, etc.) Rita has helped me understand what's needed for my body for the results I desire. Thanks for an amazing experience Rita. I look great and feel great, definitely looking forward to my foot detox and other body treatments!!! - SHARRON C. 

De Premier Spa is wonderful! The far infrared sauna has changed my life. I was diagnosed with a chronic illness and the sauna has helped me detox toxic chemicals and heavy metals that were stuck in my body and causing me issues. The manager, Rita, is very knowledgeable about health and wellness and always ensures you feel okay and are seeing benefits from her services. I love this wellness spa because it's a more private and personable experience. I highly recommend!  - Brooke N. 

Prenatal/Pregnancy Massage (Professional Referral) 

Amazing experience! I had a prenatal massage with Rita and as an expecting mother, things get achy and sore. The massage was extremely relaxing while addressing my sore points at the same time. Rita knew exactly which areas to target based on my chiropractor's recommendation and made sure I was comfortable every step. Very flexible and understanding in scheduling appointments as well,I highly recommend. - Corina V. 

Professionalism and Immaculate Care

As owner of De Premier Spa, Rita's comprehensive knowledge and expertise in wellness and delivery of holistic spa services is revealed in her professionalism and immaculate care. In addition to the wonderful services she provides, Rita's sensitivity and generosity of spirit have served to keep me a loyal client for the past seven years. - DAWN B. 

Great Lengths Hair Extensions

Rita has been doing my great lengths of hair extensions for ten years and she is the absolute best, patient and meticulous with the installation of the hair. She does my hair every four months and it lasts very well and I swim, run and play golf. I am so pleased with how Rita does my hair as I have very fine hair and have always struggled to keep it long. With the extensions I find I spend less time fussing with my hair than I ever have before. From wearing it straight, curly, up or in a ponytail it looks fantastic. Thank you Rita! - SHERRIE I. 


Come and Experience De Premier Spa Difference with a Proven Process of Exemplary Results, quality, and integrity! 

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