Ear Candling Therapy

EarCandlingEar Candling Therapy is an alternative aide for Ear Health. Candling is a natural ear healing technique that has been around for centuries and has been passed down from many generations by the Egyptians, the Oriental the Europeans, and the Native Americans. Ear Candling Technique has been used as a purification and opening the body’s spiritual centers, by cleansing and cleaning the body through the physical. It is believed by some that ear candling technique can break the blockage in the subtle energy system and the subconscious where repressed emotions and memories can lie hidden from the conscious mind, causing degenerative diseases – The Metaphysical Application of Ear Candling.

Benefits of Ear Candling Therapy

Assist in the removing of ear wax and may improve any of the following conditions:

  • Sinusitis
  • Sore Throat
  • Ear Ache
  • Swimmer’s Ear
  • Some Chronic Headaches
  • Allergies
  • Hearing Difficulties

Ear Candling acts as a catalyst to clear out debris accumulated on nerve endings. This allows for clear vibrational flow to the corresponding area of the mind, body and spirit and clear the way for other methods of healing.

A typical Candling client is one searching for more “natural way” to alleviate pressure in their head or upper respiratory area, someone in search of relief from pain in their ears, or to hear, smell, or see or just “plain” feel better.

There is absolutely, no discomfort to the client receiving ear candling therapy. Most people enjoy the treatment and find it to be very relaxing, and some to the point of drifting off to sleep.

$75 Ear Candling
$120 Ear Candling + Scalp & Neck Massage
$130 Ear Candling + Reflexology
$150 Ear Candling + Relaxing Back Massage



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