Health and Wellness In Your Hands – Listen to Your Body’s Wakeup Calls

Share Your Message With The World

Share Your Message With The World

Health and wellness in your hands – Listen to Your Body’s Wakeup Calls

Health and wellness in your hands – means you have your health in your hands, you are in control of your health, and you are the CEO of your health. To be in control of your health, you have to listen to your body’s communication through the “Five Senses” – Feel, Taste, Hearing, Sight and Smell. As your body communicates to you though theses senses it is your responsibility to listen and take proactive action to avoid the ultimate health dangers. We often ignore the body’s message until the ultimate disease intervene. We have the ability to prevent most health problems that eventually incapacitate us on the long run by responding to what the body is telling us before chronic health issues set in.

We must start listening to our body — even more closely than we listen to our car’s engine! We can attain optimum health peace just as we strive towards financial peace, the reward is a fulfilling life long health benefit. We work both day and night to save for our “golden years,” but how many of us really have joyful, healthy later days of life? If we don’t take care of our physical bodies now, what good is all of our hard-earned savings and long term planning? I urge you to take some time from your busy schedule and reflect upon some ways you can make your health a priority. If you don’t, who will?

For over 25 years, the experience and relationship with family, friends, colleagues, and clients has opened our eyes to the ministry of sharing the message of “health and wellness is in your hands.” This means taking full responsibility for your health. You are the only one who can make the choice of optimum health and wellness today for later days. Achieving optimum health and wellness starts from listening to body’s wake-up calls in our toxic world, taking action to know what the body is telling us, and seeking the best early remedies — like the solutions at De Premier Spa.

Set aside time to listen to what your body is telling you, prevention of ailments and maintenance of good health is crucial. Please make your health and wellness your top priority. If you don’t, who will?It is my pleasure to share the video below with you. This is what Aging should be! To be like her, we need to be the CEO of our health by listening to our body’s wakeup calls. For more information about Listening to your body’s wakeup calls, please read the book #shareyourmassage, chapter 27 in particular. Learn from the stories in the book!

The book is a Must-Read book! It is an inspiring collection of stories that is empowering, encouraging and enlightening!! Share Your Message with the World will show how others have figured out life! You can figure yours out too.

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Rita Olufowoshe is a Licensed professional Medical Massage Practitioner and Medical Aesthetics Provider, Health and Wellness Coach, Holistic Practitioner, Alternative and Complimentary Therapy, Author and Writer, Great Lengths Hair Extension Specialist and CIDESCO International Diploma in Esthetics. She has a degree in business management, Masters in Health Administration Gerontology and a Personal Trainer in progress. She is a National Provider with NPI number and over 25 years of experience in spa and wellness industry. Her area of specialization include medical spa, injury, orthopedics massage and rehabilitation, weight lose programs, chronic acne issues, chemical peel, endermologie, medical cupping for scar tissue and more..... Also, she is an international Best Selling Author and a writer on Lifestyle Change, for optimum health and wellness. She studied Esthetics, Cosmetology, and Massage Therapy in Netherlands, Canada and the United States of America. She is a proud member of ABMP, ASCP, BNI and WHBC and believes in giving back to the society through volunteer. She is passionate about making difference in people's skin, health and wellness through care, support, coaching and education for men and women who desire holistic approach to optimal health and wellness and interested in self-help. Her focus is providing holistic and complementary therapies that compliment traditional medicine to help those dealing with: stress, aches, chronic pain, weight issues, low energy, skin conditions and premature aging or some skin enhancement. Rita assesses your need with comprehensive consultation, provides customized and safe modalities to meet your goals. She wants to serve you with a premier level of expertise, and personalize service specific to your needs with leading edge techniques to help you achieve optimal health from inside out. Rita is dedicated to the power of touch and the relaxation, comfort and healing it can provide. Come and experience the Difference.

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