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De Premier Spa holistic Weight Loss 360

Medical research shows that a person 25% over-weight reduces life expectancy by 25%. Obesity is a concern of health and life – Not just for fashion and style, but also for a healthy and meaningful life of optimal health and wellbeing. De Premier Spa Weight Loss 360 takes holistic approach to weight loss. It is a 100% commitment to lifestyle change with peace of mind. Our Weight Loss Program includes body composition analysis, detoxification, healthy nutrition; guided signature exercise, supplements and endermologie to better serve you. The program is all-inclusive; it offers a healthy alternative to every quick weight loss. Results include: Keeping off unwanted inches and pounds, excellent posture and Less body aches, strains and pains; Smoothed, textured and toned skin and body; Relaxation and stress relief, and Gives you a sense of wellness, glow, new looks and new life with meaningful purpose.

Body Composition Analysis

Understanding Your Body’s Composition is a Key to Optimal Health and Wellness It makes you take a deeper look of your health from inside out by providing you with absolute results of health. Body Composition Analysis helps you Optimized training control through differentiated body composition analysis and Quality control for physiotherapy and nutrition therapy. Better evaluation of fitness level and Accurate and precise results are validated by clinical studies. Ensures smooth integration in daily routines. It only takes 10 minutes and gives you the following result – Get you a better understanding of your state of health and fitness and helps Identify your body’s ability to burn calories and increase your resting energy expenditure. Determine if you are properly recovering between workouts or personal training sessions and injuries. Determine changes over time in body fat, muscle mass, and total body water. Monitor your fluids to prevent dehydration and maximize your individual performance

Cellular Foot Detox Therapy

Cellular detox therapy is a new alternative cellular cleansing therapy that uses reverse osmosis to draw out toxins from the body. Every day our body is under constant assault from endless arrays of toxins from the air, water and even the food we eat. Though the body has a cleansing ability, it can’t keep up. This therapy helps cleanse the body of harmful toxins, balance the PH by decreasing the possibility of degenerative disease, reverse signs of aging, weight lose, and increasing nutrient assimilation from food and supplements.

Far-Infrared Sauna Therapy 

Infrared energy is a form of ionizing rays or wavelengths on the light spectrum not visible to the human eye. Our body’s tissues normally produce infrared energy for use by the body in a number of healing processes. Far infrared (FIR) energy can penetrate beyond skin level and is absorbed efficiently, whereas visible light mostly bounces off the skin surface. Additionally, far-infrared can penetrate skin up to 2 inches whereas near-infrared is mostly absorbed at skin level resulting in raising the skin temperature. Infrared sauna therapy has the following benefits:

Increase Metabolism, Burn Calories & Lose Weight
Relieves Muscle Pain
Improves the Immune System
Remove Toxins
Improves Appearance of Cellulite
Eases Joint Pain and Stiffness
Reduces Stress and Fatigue Improves Skin tone

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