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Holistic Wellness

Holistic Wellness Therapy

Our holistic wellness therapy are integrative therapy customized for individual unique health and wellness needs with a focus on the whole body. This 360-body therapy does not limit treatment to one part of the body or target a particular disease. The therapy is designed for the general well-being of the body. Why? Because the whole body is connected. These therapies include Cellular Foot Detox, the Infrared Sauna, Ear Candling and Body Composition Analysis.

Client with Vertigo Issues

"My vertigo goes away after a few sessions of Infrared Sauna. Recommend coming here for Infrared Sauna!!" - Irma

Client with Detoxification Therapy and Weight Loss

"My experience at De Premier Spa was amazing! The Infrared Sauna has detoxed my body, relaxed my muscles, and improved my circulation and MOST of all aided in my 15 Lb. Weight loss over the past few weeks!” - Sharron

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