Microcurrent and Light Therapy

Microcurrent and Light therapy are non-surgical, non-evasive, treatment with no down time. It stimulates the human bio-current in the muscle cells, thereby stimulating the energy ATP contained inside the cell. Micro current is used to firm, tone and re-activate the facial muscles. It enhances muscle tone, increases circulation and lymphatic flow, resulting in improved skin texture, appearance and smooth wrinkles.

DePremierSpaMicrocurrent Therapy

The treatment is effective for double layers chin, wrinkles, crow’s feet, pouches, black eye, boost facial circulation, tighten and refine the facial and body skin resulting in new you. The benefit of micro current treatment is cosmetic enhancement without surgery. Also, the treatment is for you if you have coarse skin, dilated capillaries and rosacea. Ride yourself of large pores, sun damage, and age sports. The benefits are improved complexion and texture of skin health.

Wrinkle Reduction-Face:

Firming facial muscle, reducing facial wrinkle, regaining elasticity of muscle, enhancing facial features and reducing congested and pore constriction.

 Wrinkle Reduction – Neck:

Improves muscle elasticity, tightening skin, reducing wrinkles on the neck, relieving muscle atrophy and illuming the skin on the neck.

 Breast Enhancement:

Firms and increases elasticity of the breast resulting in a firm, plum and boosting up effect.

 Facial Shaping:

Firming and shaping face features, trimming jaw and double layer Chin: Firming and shaping of the jaw.

 Eye Care:

Exercises and firms eye muscle, improving muscle elasticity, reducing wrinkle and pouches, relieving eye weariness and lightening black eye.

 Black eye treatment:

Smooths eye adenoid circulation, draining puffiness and diminishing fatigue and black eye, and sagging skin.

***We recommend 10 treatments session of 2 to 3 per week for effective result.

Treatment time is 1 – 1½ hours for the first 2 treatments with personalized microdermabrasion and facial mask. For clients looking for more lifting, a course of 1/2-hour treatments for 6-12 weeks is recommended. Results are visible after one treatment – the skin looks more refined, fresher with more lift and tone.



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