Seasonal Allergies Causing You Discomfort?



The allergy season is here when many people begin to have sneezing, coughing, itching watering eyes and nose. At least 1 out of every Americans suffers from allergies. For instance, some common causes of allergy symptoms may be food allergies like milk, peanuts, and other seasonal from grass, weed, pollen, molds, or eve carts and dogs. Allergies are different from other types of sickness, as they are a result of over active immune system. Upper respiratory allergies develop when someone inhale foreign particles that trigger histamine response – causing sneezing, coughing, itching watering eyes and nose. This reaction could make Spring Season uncomfortable for many, especially when the immune system is out of balance.

At De Premier Spa, we can help! We integrate alternative therapies that can give you the comfort of the Spring Season. These therapies include Infrared Sauna, Cellular Cleanse detoxification, Ear Candling and more, that will help to balance the immune system and make the season enjoyable.

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Rita Olufowoshe is a Licensed professional Medical Massage Practitioner and Medical Aesthetics Provider, Health and Wellness Coach, Holistic Practitioner, Alternative and Complimentary Therapy, Author and Writer, Great Lengths Hair Extension Specialist and CIDESCO International Diploma in Esthetics. She has a degree in business management, Masters in Health Administration Gerontology and a Personal Trainer in progress. She is a National Provider with NPI number and over 25 years of experience in spa and wellness industry. Her area of specialization include medical spa, injury, orthopedics massage and rehabilitation, weight lose programs, chronic acne issues, chemical peel, endermologie, medical cupping for scar tissue and more..... Also, she is an international Best Selling Author and a writer on Lifestyle Change, for optimum health and wellness. She studied Esthetics, Cosmetology, and Massage Therapy in Netherlands, Canada and the United States of America. She is a proud member of ABMP, ASCP, BNI and WHBC and believes in giving back to the society through volunteer. She is passionate about making difference in people's skin, health and wellness through care, support, coaching and education for men and women who desire holistic approach to optimal health and wellness and interested in self-help. Her focus is providing holistic and complementary therapies that compliment traditional medicine to help those dealing with: stress, aches, chronic pain, weight issues, low energy, skin conditions and premature aging or some skin enhancement. Rita assesses your need with comprehensive consultation, provides customized and safe modalities to meet your goals. She wants to serve you with a premier level of expertise, and personalize service specific to your needs with leading edge techniques to help you achieve optimal health from inside out. Rita is dedicated to the power of touch and the relaxation, comfort and healing it can provide. Come and experience the Difference.

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